Under the advice and guidance of the Consul General of Japan at Chennai, IJCCI was formed by a group of Business entrepreneurs from all sectors to enhance the business opportunities and appreciate each other’s cultural and business nuances.

No, IJCCI is not a Government body. It is a non- profit organisation formed with the objective to promote bi-lateral relationship having the common objective of promoting India and Japan business mutually.

IJCCI liaisons with the Government, Industry and Trade Bodies of India and Japan to create conducive business environment. Apart from the Core business goals, we conduct Seminars, Conferences, and Industry Tours to our members. This helps to know more about the business in both the countries and their best practices. We conduct Cultural programs, which helps to bind both countries and get to know better. Japanese Language Classes like Induction programs for the First timers to Japan are also part of the chamber’s activities.

Individuals above the age 21 years can become a member. The individual’s interest and initiative in Language, Culture or Business relation is taken into account. However the decision is made by the Executive Council.

Any association formed with the objectives similar to those of the IJCCI and also has interests in Indo Japan cultural or Business relation can become a member under the Rule 3 – IJCCI Memorandum & Rules.

IJCCI being still an infant organization, it requires the support and encouragement from the organisations which has a direct / indirect linkage with Japan. Your presence and support in the activities of IJCCI is most welcome.

IJCCI needs to know the nature of your business and whether the issue is related to the Language or Business Negotiations. IJCCI would be able to guide on the issue but direct involvement with the customer is not feasible.